Spotlight on OU Genomics Lab

In a science lab in Porter Hall at Ohio University, generations of lab equipment capable of sequencing billions of nucleotides of DNA is overlooked by scientific posters reminding researchers and lab technicians to “wipe up your whoopsie” and “protect your peppers.” The walls also hold “Gene expression” and “Bioinformatics” signs in multicolored bubble letters. This is the OU Genomics Facility.  Dr. Bill Broach, director of … Continue reading Spotlight on OU Genomics Lab

Ecolunch: Undergrad research on flies

by Jayne Yerrick One of the most hated bugs is flies. They can be irritating pests that never seem to go away, however, flies offer more to the world than just an annoying buzz. Flies present both advantages and disadvantages to the environment. Three OU undergrads explored the behavior of flies and their impact on the environment at the Ecolunch seminar. Each Wednesday, professors and … Continue reading Ecolunch: Undergrad research on flies

Professor Speaks on the Plight of Lizards at Science Cafe

By Morgan Spehar Don Miles described standing in front of the coffee-drinking crowd at Front Room as, “a little like being a Costco salesperson,” because of the tiny microphone hooked around his ear that allowed him to speak up over the sounds of beans being ground and drinks being poured. But he wasn’t there to talk about the $1.50 hotdog. Miles, a biology professor at … Continue reading Professor Speaks on the Plight of Lizards at Science Cafe

Forecasting the Future

by Morgan Spehar Adam Brokaw has known he wanted to be a meteorologist since he was 9 years old, when he used to watch the Weather Channel for fun. Now a fifth-year senior at Ohio University, Brokaw is set to graduate in December with a degree in meteorology. “It was very math and physics heavy,” he said. “But that made me more interested in meteorology … Continue reading Forecasting the Future

The Power of Belief

by Luvina Cooley College move-in is an exciting time for new freshmen. For many, this is their first time away from home, their first time being exposed to new situations and a time for them to discover themselves. However, the first six to eight weeks of the fall semester are also defined by, “The Red Zone.” This is the time that students, especially freshmen, are … Continue reading The Power of Belief

Painting a Better Landscape

by Hailee Sorensen At the first Science Cafe of the 2019 fall semester, Dr. Guy Riefler spoke about the contributions of his group to the water contamination crisis that is taking place just outside of the Athens Ohio University campus. Dr. Riefler has been a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering for OHIO since September 2000 and is currently the chair of this department. … Continue reading Painting a Better Landscape

Shining a Light on Dark Matter with Dr. Douglas Clowe

by Katelyn Rousch Dr. Clowe explains what scientists really mean when they talk about “dark matter,” provides possible theories as to what it might be, and describes his past and present research in the field to discover more about dark matter and the universe. Meet Dr. Douglas Clowe, the current head of the Ohio University Astrophysics Institute. His specialties include gravitational lensing, clusters of galaxies, … Continue reading Shining a Light on Dark Matter with Dr. Douglas Clowe