Weighing the Effects of UV Sunlight

by Anna Birk Ultraviolet, or UV, rays are a topic we often hear about during the summer, when it becomes a rarity to leave home without sunscreen.  What many people may not consider, however, is that radiation from ultraviolet light can be extremely harmful in the winter months as well. Likewise, many may not consider that there are three UV rays leaving the sun. The … Continue reading Weighing the Effects of UV Sunlight

Happy Ohio Archeology Month!

by Katelyn Rousch Dr. Andrew Tremayne and Dr. Joseph Gingerich discuss the Ohio University Field School’s “old news” and dispel some misconceptions about what archeology is. October is a month of gorgeous fall weather, costumes, pumpkins and a burst of vibrant color as nature sunsets into winter. While candy corn and haunted houses may come to mind, most people don’t realize that October is also … Continue reading Happy Ohio Archeology Month!

The Power of Local: OU’s shift to local produce

By cheryl Appel Starting in the fall of 2019, Ohio University will incorporate buying produce such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, apples and tomatoes from local vendors and Ohio University’s very own Student Farm.   All three dining halls on campus are now sporting “local apple” signs next to the produce bins and there are currently plans to expand local purchases even further. But how is this … Continue reading The Power of Local: OU’s shift to local produce

Pollution Prevention Week 2019

by Anna Birk Residents in Athens county had the opportunity to learn more about sustainability through Pollution Prevention Week, September 16 through September 20. Wednesday, September 18, Guy Riefler spoke at the first Science Cafe of the year, held in Front Room Coffeehouse.  Guy Riefler is a professor in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology and Chair of Civil Engineering at Ohio University. His … Continue reading Pollution Prevention Week 2019

Athens Is Looking Toward the Future

by Anna Birk The beginning of the academic year not only means an influx of students in Athens, but also a higher output of waste. Water waste and trash waste are two main issues contributing to pollution in the city of Athens. To tackle this issue head-on, the United States Environmental Protection Agency passed the Pollution Prevention Act in 1990. This was intended to combat … Continue reading Athens Is Looking Toward the Future

Vernal Pools at Ohio University

by Morgan Spehar A short hike away from the observatory, down a trail so overgrown it is hard to see where the path begins, lie two basins of receding water, surrounded by rings of cracked mud with lush plant life growing throughout. At first glance, they look like naturally occurring ponds, but upon further inspection there seem to be less natural looking hills and troughs … Continue reading Vernal Pools at Ohio University