About Us

Hello and welcome! We’re a student publication out of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, dedicated to writing about science, research and technology. We started in 2019 after our three founders noticed that no other media outlet that was writing about the important (and impressive!) science and research going on at the university, covering everything from psychology to biology to conservation to nanotechnology! Want to get involved? Email athenseffect@gmail.com or pitch a story for us here!

Meet the Staff

Katelyn Rousch – Editor-in-Chief

Katelyn is a junior Environmental Studies, Economics, and Physics major. When she isn’t writing you can often find Katelyn with a book and hot chocolate in hand (even in summer). She loves exploring new ideas and places and is always up for an adventure.

Jack Knudson – Associate Editor

Jack is a junior majoring in Journalism. Alongside his love for writing about sustainability and the environment, he also enjoys reading and taking his bike for a ride on local towpaths.  

Twitter: @jackknudson89

Hannah Johns – Lead Copy Editor

Hannah is a senior double majoring in Microbiology and Environmental Health Science. She enjoys writing about biological sciences and public health. Playing the piano, drawing and baking are what Hannah loves to do whenever she is not studying.

IG: @hannah_j141

Maddie Hellwig – Writer

Maddie is a sophomore majoring in Marine Biology. She enjoys writing about biology, the environment, and sustainability. In her free time, she loves to read, hike and spend time on the water.

IG: @maddie_hellwig

Morgan Spehar – Founder

Environmental Studies, with a minor in history. She enjoys writing about biology, ecology and the environment, and in her free time, she loves to go hiking, camping and do anything else outdoors. 

IG: @morgan.spehar

Jayne Yerrick – Founder

Jayne is a senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sociology. She enjoys writing about sociology and psychology. In her free time, Jayne loves listening to new music, spending time with friends and cooking.  

IG: @jayne.yerrick

Sianna Mills – Founder

Sianna is a senior majoring in Journalism and Sociology-Criminology. Outside of her involvement with The Athens Effect, she is also a member of the only pre-law fraternity on campus, Phi Alpha Delta. After graduation, she is planning on going to law school to become a lawyer.

IG: @sinnamon_toast_crunch

Anna Birk – Writer

Anna is a sophomore majoring in Journalism with a planned minor in Spanish and certificate in Global Leadership. When not in class, she enjoys photography, hiking, kayaking or reading. She enjoys writing opinion and about the environment.

IG: @annaebirk

Want to get involved?

Or email us at athenseffect@gmail.com